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Our organization is involved in numerous projects, and they are coming out.

Every year we are working on various projects to build our Kol Community better.

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Recently we have started Marshal Oraa The Primary school of Science and Technology For the Tribes in Jharkhand where children can learn science and technology related things.


Science tells us that if something is on this earth or in the sky, then how many years has it been there and who invented it.


Awareness is the state of being conscious and alert of one’s surroundings, thoughts, and emotions. It is the ability to perceive and understand the world around us, as well as our own inner experiences.

Being aware is essential for personal growth and development. It helps us to recognize and manage our emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. Awareness also enables us to make better decisions and take responsibility for our actions.

There are different types of awareness, including self-awareness, social awareness, and environmental awareness. Self-awareness is the ability to recognize our own emotions, strengths, and weaknesses. Social awareness is the understanding of other people’s emotions,


Kol caste culture refers to the unique social and cultural practices of the Kol community, an indigenous group residing primarily in the Indian state of Jharkhand. The Kol caste is recognized as a Scheduled Tribe under the Indian Constitution, and their culture is deeply rooted in their traditional beliefs and practices. The Kol people are known for their strong attachment to their land and their agricultural practices, which form the basis of their economy. They also have a rich tradition of music, dance, and storytelling, which are an integral part of their cultural identity. The Kol community has a strong sense of community solidarity and mutual support, and they often come together to celebrate festivals and other social events. However, like many indigenous communities, the Kol people have also faced discrimination and marginalization, and their culture and way of life are under threat from the forces of modernization and globalization.

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