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Our story starts way back, in 1820 when Kol revolution started and fight for Freedom

Kol Tribe is not just a website, but it is a portal related to Kol people, through which you can collect all the information about Kol Tribe. The purpose of Kol Tribe website is to reach those Kol people who have separated from their society.

Kol Tribe website will help to reach those people and bring them together and tell them about the customs, festivals, cultural of their society. Kol Tribe will try to reach all those people no matter in which corner of the country they are.

Today, you will get to see and read many articles about Kol Tribal people on the internet, but those articles have not been explained in detail. But on our website, you will try to reach the complete information related to the society of Kol people.

Today the people of Kol Tribal are not only limited to Madhya Pradesh and Jharkhand, but people of Kol community are also found in states like Assam, Bengal. Let’s know who are Kol Tribe?

Kol Tribal is not just a website its full name is KOL TRIBAL EDUCATIONAL AND CULTURAL DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY. Which is a registered organization that works all over India.

This organization works for science, education, educational institutions, literature, art and music, library, women empowerment, construction and operation of schools.
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Our Mission

Our mission is to tell the people of Kol community about the tradition and culture of our Kol people. Today the people of our Kol Samaj are forgetting their old culture which is not good for the coming days. Through this website we will try to reach the people of Kol tribe who have forgotten themselves. And we will reach those Kol people who are far away from education and will give them knowledge of education as well as teach them about Kol language. Along with this, schools and colleges will also be built for the Kol tribal people.

Kol Tribe Through this website, we will try to reach the people of Kol tribe settled not only in India but all over the world and try to unite them and inform them about our culture and culture.​

Our Vision

Meet Our Team!

Meet Our Kol Tribal Educational and Development Society Member’s 

Anjali Kol


Santosh Murmu

Vice president

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